Whether you are hosting an executive meeting that calls for video conferencing, or simply want to gather your colleagues and clients for an intimate "Mix and Mingle" cocktail reception, we have the perfect space to accommodate your every need.


The space has been designed to provide plenty of options and flexibility to make your occasion truly special and unique.  You are welcome to work with the caterer of your choice, but we can also provide you with recommendations.



North Foyer

As you step off the elevator and walk into the Compass Room, you will be instantly enchanted as you enter the North Foyer.  It is warm, elegant, and inviting--a true preview of coming attractions.         


Centre Pointe

Centre Point is the heart of the Compass Room.  It is spacious with beautiful hardwood floors and an ornate fireplace mantle from early 20th Century Europe.  It contains a large table to accommodate up to twenty people for board meetings, video conferences, or any other sort of business-related endeavors.  For social and evening occasions, Centre Pointe transforms into an elegant living and dining room to gather your family and friends for that special meal, or it can simply be "ground zero" for your buffet & carving station so your guests can take in the views of Spokane!        


Inner Circle

Inner Circle is perched slightly above Centre Pointe and is the perfect meeting room for you and a few business associates.  It is equipped with sliding doors to provide sanctuary from the rest of the Compass Room.  But for larger gatherings, the sliding doors open to make Inner Circle a staging area, or an ideal cocktail and hors d'oeuvre centre while your guests pass through from Centre Pointe to further points east in the Compass Room.                   


180° Solarium

Experience sweeping views of Spokane as you enjoy the crown jewel of the Compass Room!  By day, the solarium provides the perfect meeting space or lunching venue.  By night, it provides the grandest and most versatile space anywhere in the city.  The Solarium also has a beautiful baby grand player piano to provide your guests unparalleled ambiance as they gaze out and watch the city lights, the Spokane River idle by, and the serenity and beauty of Riverfront Park.  The Solarium is also a perfect venue for recitals and other intimate musical gatherings.          


The Rooftop

Bedecked in the original terracotta tile flooring from the "Roaring '20s," the Rooftop offers breathtaking, unparalleled views of Spokane that will captivate you and your guests.  Whether you need a bit of fresh air during your executive meeting, or you want to entertain and delight your colleagues during your own private "Happy Hour," the Rooftop is an indispensable part of the Compass Room experience.               


NW Angle

A video conference room and meeting space that can accommodate 8-10 people.  It's a perfect room for small business gatherings, depositions, or even overflow space for those larger gatherings where other areas of the Compass Room are being used.                   

Additional Spaces & Amenities

 The Compass Room also offers a variety of other areas and amenities to add just the right touch to your corporate, legal, or social ocassion.  These offerings include: 

Magnetic Plate Kitchen-Full-service kitchen with new appliances.


South Satellite--Den-Cozy, bright, and cheery "caucus" room featuring vintage art deco prints and furnishings.


Hi Speed Wi-Fi

Copying, Scanning, & Printing

Easy Access to Riverfront Park, Spokane River, & Downtown Skywalks

Law Office Suite

For those that may already be familiar with the "Paulsen Penthouse," you will note that the Paulsen "Master Suite" is not part of the Compass Room.  That storied suite--with its walk-in closet "house of mirrors" and lilac colored master bathroom--is now the law office of Keyes Legal, PLLC, the law firm owned and operated by Compass Room Founder & Co-Owner, Theresa (LaLone) Keyes.  Make sure to stop by and say hello!                       

The Compass Room, LLC

421 Riverside Ave, Suite 1700, Spokane, WA 99201 

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